LG G7 ThinQ Refurbished


Storage: 64GB
Sale price$180.00


✓ Refurbished A-Grade Condition 10/10 – ‘Like New’ condition, with no visible signs of wear. These phones are unlocked and will work with any GSM provider


The brand new LG G7 ThinQ Smartphone a phone that is powerful and stylish to fit the official and multimedia needs of the present generation. The utility of this smartphones making it one of the best-rated phones in the market featuring a smart touchscreen and high utility functions. The fast and powerful processor allows this smartphone to function and operate multiple applications simultaneously without lagging. The smooth touch ensures faster reaction and switching between folders and application to give you the best smartphone experience. The design is simple and the manufacture is tough to resist against water and dirt.

Multitasking Processor

The strong RAM and processor makes the LG G7 ThinQ Smartphone compact and powerful giving you the advantage of multitasking between applications and folders allowing you to perform many tasks at the same time without any hassle. This smartphone sports 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. The storage adds to the advantage of this smartphone that gives you an added advantage in performing tasks with large files which seems like a piece of cake. This phone can function as a camera, image viewer, and even a pocket internet surfing device without hassle or lag due to its powerful processor.

Stylish Design

Working on the Android platform powered by Google the LG G7 ThinQ Smartphone not just brings to you functionality but also the advantage of a sleek and sophisticated design. The large screen and thin body make it one stylish phone to hold and carry around. Light in weight with a large screen you can now watch your favorite movies and click pictures or surf the internet with the best visual experience that is bound to have you spellbound. Resistant to dirt and moisture the large screen can ensure you best display quality at all times due to its super bright display.

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